Brewing Systems

Mash Tun

  • Advanced design hydrator ensures complete grist hydration
  • Water mixing controls for repeatability and batch programing
  • Steam jacket for step infusion
  • Drive and paddles for thorough mixing
  • Special semisolids pump design for gentle grist transfer


Lauter Tun

  • Custom sized for minimum spent grain bed depth for the plato you desire
  • Lap joint screen sections prevent grain penetration
  • Lifting or non-lifting rakes
  • Reversing drive and fold-down wings facilitate grain out through side or bottom door
  • Linear actuation rather than hydraulics to eliminate risks of leakage
  • Spend grain removal systems



  • Sized full knockout with a safe margin of headspace
  • Fractional steam controls for high degree of steam control
  • Bottom and side steam jackets to start boil before transfer is complete
  • Calandria or external wort boiler for 10% evaporation per hour
  • Stack sized for effective evaporation



  • Aggressive tangent fitting angle for a compact trub pile
  • Multiple draw-off ports and flat slope bottom for the highest possible wort recovery