Internal Calandrias and External Wort Boilers


Internal Calandria

An internal calandria dramatically increases the total surface area of wort in contact with steam jacketing, making it possible to superheat wort. Our calandria design integrates dimple steam jacket columns, a shroud and a splash plate to create a vigorous, controlled, thermo siphon circulation. This helps sweep bubbles from all surfaces and works to prevent boil-over.


A rotating spray bar just above the calandria facilitates thorough cleaning. The shroud can be easily removed for inspection.


This is not new technology in the sense that major breweries have been using this technique for a long time. But AAA Metal Fabrication was innovative in designing a calandria that could be used in the craft brewing industry.



External Wort Boiler

We also have a plan for a tube and shell external wort boiler (EWB). An EWB can be easily added to an existing kettle. An EWB makes it possible to robustly boil less than the designed full kettle charge.


10% evaporation per hour can only be achieved with agitation.