Fermenters and Bright Tank
Features and Benefits

  • All cladding weld seams are continuous. We leave no tack welds or openings through which cleaning solutions could contaminate the insulating layer and create odors or decrease insulating efficiency.
  • All stainless steel cladding is polished.
  • Legs are firmly anchored to the inner tank bottoms. We do not affix leg "side pockets".
  • All legs come with adjustable foot pads for leveling and cross bracing to spread loading, insure stability, and comply with seismic codes.
  • We avoid the use of threaded fittings in order to minimize sources of contamination. All sample valves, gauges, and fittings are clamp-on only.
  • We design our CIP sprayballs to be removable, for convenient cleaning.
  • In-swing manways are elliptical so that there are no flat spots in which to entrap contaminants.