AAA Metal Fabrication is licensed to manufacture and sell Ganimede® design tanks in the United States, except for California.

The Ganimede® process was developed in Italy and is widely used in Italy and France. It is gaining acceptance in the United States. In the Ganimede® system, an internal cone is built midway in the tank and is designed to be filled with must well above the top of the cone. It can be used in different ways: for gentle agitation of the cap, CO2 gas is allowed to be trapped under the internal cone until it bubbles up through the bottom of the cone, gently rocking the cap as it does so. The trapped gas can also be released all at once, through a bypass valve; allowing the cap to fall into the neck of the cone, breaking it up and agitating it. Valves can be automatically reset and timed to repeat the process. Pips can be expelled through a central drain on the bottom of the tank.

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